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Bhutan, formally the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a small nation enclaved between the two enormous nations of China and India. Bhutan largely consists of mountains which is why numerous passes in the Himalayan range are covered by the Kingdom. Bhutan is a constitutional monarchy where the king serves as the head of state and the government, which is led by the Prime Minister, has executive authority. The population of Bhutan is about 700,000. A minority of people in the Himalayan Kingdom practise Hinduism, although the majority of the population is Buddhist. Bhutan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and if you want to start exploring the world being an Indian, why not start from this neighbouring country first? A solo or a family trip to Bhutan from India would just be amazing and in this article, we will give you enough reasons why you should travel to Bhutan from India.

Reasons why you must visit Bhutan from India

Amazing culture

You can find stunning architecture in every part of the nation, including traditional homes, temples, and historic structures, no matter which direction you look. The construction process for traditional architecture is being regulated since it is so valuable. The multi-colored wood, tiny arched windows, and slanted roofs are unquestionably distinguishing characteristics of Bhutanese architecture. In fact, the magnificent architecture of the Kingdom has influenced other building styles all over the world.

Happiness everywhere

Bhutan’s distinctiveness stems primarily from the contented inhabitants, who make the country special. Perhaps Bhutanese people’s sense of satisfaction with their existence is a major source of happiness in the Kingdom. The Buddhist principles of compassion and simplicity also impart it. Bhutanese people have a strong sense of humour, therefore there is never a shortage of belly laughs. You will be able to observe the Bhutanese people’s happiness and laughter as you move through the nation. Thanks to its distinctive Gross National Happiness (GNH)-based development philosophy, Bhutan is regarded by many tourists as the world’s happiest country.

Only carbon negative country in the world

Being the only nation to be carbon negative gives Bhutan a special distinction. The country must have forest cover on at least 60% of its surface, according to the constitution. Currently, woods cover nearly 70% of the land. The Kingdom is unquestionably one of the world’s greenest nations. More greenhouse gases are absorbed than are released. They serve as a clear example of environmental protection to the rest of the globe. So, apart from giving happiness to people coming from outside, Bhutan is making the environment happy too.

Breath-taking Himalayan range

Bhutan is home to many of the most stunning mountains in the world. It is unquestionably a well-liked trekking location for all serious hikers and trekkers. The Jomolhari Trek, the Druk Path Trek, the Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek, and the Laya-Gasa Trek are a few of the well-known treks. In addition, Snowman Trek, one of the most difficult trekking routes in the world, is a well-liked option for the daring.

Mouth watering Bhutanese cuisine and local flavours

Bhutanese people adore anything spicy! The majority of foods frequently contain chilli peppers. Ema datshi, sometimes referred to as chilli cheese stew, is a well-known and adored national cuisine. You can learn how to make this straightforward and delicious recipe here. Butter tea is a favoured beverage among the locals. Bhutanese people create excellent butter tea called suja, which is different from the tea you may buy in other nations. It is typically consumed with delicacies like roasted rice (zaw) at any social gatherings.