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Why Happiness Kingdom Travels ?

Our Travel Experts: 

  • At Happiness Kingdom Travels, we’ve got an exceptional team that makes your travel experience truly special. Unlike some guides who may struggle with languages, our team members have undergone 1 to 2 years of intensive language training. So, you won’t just get a basic ‘hello,’ but meaningful conversations throughout your trip. Our certified guides bring over a decade of experience, making sure your satisfaction and a fantastic experience are their top priorities. They’re not just good with languages; they’re great storytellers too.
  • In addition, our behind-the-scenes heroes, a team of dedicated individuals handling reservations and operations, bring a wealth of experience to ensure your travels are smooth sailing. Simply submit all the required documents, and we can seamlessly arrange your flights, hotels, visa processing, and transportation. These individuals have personally visited accommodations, ensuring they meet your standards, and rigorously checked our fleet of vehicles to ensure they operate smoothly and provide the comfort you deserve.

Mouth-Watering Cuisines:

  • At Happiness Kingdom Travels, we celebrate the joy of good food. Our diverse menu ensures that every guest’s culinary expectations are not just met but exceeded. From the mouth-watering and spicy EmaDatshi to the savoury stir-fried pork delights, our local Bhutanese specialties are sure to leave a lasting impression. For those seeking a taste of home, we offer a selection of Continental dishes. Dive into the aromatic world of Indian masalas with our flavorful Indian dishes, and if you’re a fan of Chinese or Thai cuisine, we’ve got a variety of tempting options. At our table, there’s something delicious for everyone! Not to mention that our menus are never repeated.

Our Company:

  • For more than 23 years, we’ve been in this travel business, so you know we have lots of experience. Our goal at Happiness Kingdom Travels is to show visitors why Bhutan is a really happy country. We believe in making people happy! For the first time in Bhutan Aviation history, Happiness Kingdom Travels has organized the first charter flights from Hong Kong and Malaysia. Further, on a seasonal basis, we organize charter flights from Singapore, Nepal and Malaysia at regular intervals. We’re proud of our excellent track record and always try new things to make our guests happy. We’ve been a key part of introducing Bhutan to East Asia, and now we’re excited to explore new places in Europe and the Americas.
  • We do not sell cheap packages for short-term benefit; we prioritize offering value for the money paid by our customers. While budget-friendly options may appeal to some, our commitment lies in ensuring that every traveller receives quality services and experiences that align with the true essence of Bhutan. Rather than focusing on short-term gains, we strive to build lasting relationships with our clients by delivering on our promises and providing authentic and enriching experiences. Safeguarding Bhutan’s positive image is a core principle for Happiness Kingdom Travels.
  • Bhutan is renowned for its unique culture, pristine environment, and the philosophy of Gross National Happiness. By avoiding the provision of cut-rate, substandard packages, we contribute to safeguarding the integrity and reputation of Bhutan as a destination. Our approach is rooted in responsible tourism practices, ensuring that visitors perceive Bhutan as a place of authenticity, cultural richness, and environmental preservation. By upholding these principles, we not only protect Bhutan’s positive image but also contribute to the sustainable development and appreciation of its unique attributes in the global travel community.