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Bhutan, a hidden landlocked kingdom placed in the eastern ranges of the mesmerising Himalayas, is a unique and alluring Asian destination for people looking for an exclusive adventure to unearth hidden treasures of the Himalayas region. Bhutan, known as “the world’s happiest country,” is home to a wealth of local history, Himalayan Buddhist traditions, myths, and stories, in addition to stunning natural surroundings and warm hospitality. You will be completely surrounded by the universe of spiritual wonders and secrets, beautiful scenery, an excellent laid-back atmosphere, and a wide variety of adventurous outdoor pursuits here. If you are visiting Bhutan for the first time, the best Bhutan tour operator will suggest the most amazing things you can do in Bhutan and make your trip a memorable one.

Visit Paro Taktsang

Being the most recognisable landmark in Bhutan, Paro Taktsang is not only a must-see location on each foreign visitor’s itinerary, but it is also a sacred location that every Bhutanese wishes to visit at least once in their lifetime. It is a historic complex of Buddhist temple and monastery that is positioned on an angle halfway up the mountainside overlooking the Paro valley and is commonly referred to as the Tiger’s Nest. The area is well-known for its legend connected to Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava), who introduced Buddhism to Bhutan in the beginning and was built around a sacred cave.

Visit Punakha Dzong

Dzongs are a popular architectural style in Bhutan that combine a fort and a monastery and are typically found in the Himalayan areas of Tibet and Bhutan. And one of the most well-known dzongs in Bhutan, Punakha Dzong, is found in the district with the same name. Punakha Dzong, also known as “the palace of great happiness” in Bhutanese, was constructed in the 17th century and is the second-oldest dzong in the entire nation. Punakha Dzong, located on the banks of the tranquil Mochu River, offers a picturesque backdrop of lush hills and mountains.

Enjoy the scenic beauty

Bhutan has both short day hikes and longer multi-day adventures to offer. This region’s pristine woods, breathtaking mountain ranges, stunning alpine lakes, and commanding scenic paths that travel through charming villages and different terrains will leave you with unforgettable views of Bhutanese nature as well as unforgettable thrills. The collection of hike routes in Bhutan, which range in difficulty from mild to hard, could accommodate various travel preferences. The Jhomolhari Trek, the Snowman Trek, the Bumthang Owl Trek, or the Druk Path Trek and Bumdra Trek for novices are some of the best treks in the nation.

Be the part of traditional festivals of Bhutan

If you enjoy culture, you should not miss Bhutan’s festive season and its well-known traditional festivals while you’re there. You may experience the vibrant atmosphere of the costumes, regional music, holy ceremonies, distinctive mask dances, and outstanding performances while also getting a close-up view of the fascinating Bhutanese culture here. Festivals in Bhutan are important occasions for inhabitants to honour their gods as well as vivid representations of how their traditions have been upheld for generations.

Don’t forget to try authentic Bhutanese cuisine

Bhutanese cuisine and culinary art both play a significant role in the cultural experience. In addition to the typical highlights of local cuisine, which are based on core items readily available at high elevations, food in Bhutan is a distinctive blend of influences from Indian, Tibetan, and even a little Chinese cuisine. Bhutanese cuisine has a unique flavour and provides several possibilities for you to sample its regional specialties practically everywhere in the nation.