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What to Do ______.

Observe Tshechu – Tshechu is a religious festival celebrated in Bhutan that honors Guru Rinpoche, the saint who is credited with introducing Buddhism to Bhutan. The festival is usually held in the courtyards of important monasteries and temples throughout the country, and is a time for people to come together to celebrate and renew their spiritual commitments.

Eat Ema Datsi – Ema Datshi is a traditional dish from Bhutan, and is considered the national dish of the country. The dish is made with spicy chili peppers (ema) and a type of Bhutanese cheese called datshi. Despite its popularity, Ema Datshi may be too spicy for some palates, so it is often served with a side of fresh vegetables or fruits to help cool the mouth.

Watch Archery Match – Archery is the national sport of Bhutan, and is deeply ingrained in the country’s culture and traditions. Archery matches are a popular pas- time in Bhutan. The archers compete to hit the wooden targets that are set up at a distance of around 140 meters. The archers use a unique bamboo bow and arrow set, and the arrows are often decorated with colorful feathers or designs. Archery matches in Bhutan are often accompanied by lively music, dancing, and cheering from the crowd.

Soak in Hot Stone Bath – A hot stone bath is a traditional Bhutanese method of relaxation and therapy that involves immersing oneself in hot water infused with herbs and heat- ed stones. The stones are usually heat- ed over an open fire and then placed in a wooden tub filled with water. The benefits of bath include improving blood circulation, reducing muscle tension, and promoting relaxation.

Bath in Tshachu – Tshachu is a term used in Bhutan to refer to hot springs. Bhutan has many natural hot springs scattered throughout the country, and they are often considered to have therapeutic and healing properties. Some popular tshachus in Bhutan include Gasa Tshachu, Dur Tshachu, and Gelephu Tshachu.

River Rafting – River rafting is an exciting adventure activity in Bhutan that allows you to experience the country’s beautiful landscapes and pristine rivers. The main rivers for rafting in Bhutan are the Mo Chhu and Pho Chhu rivers in Punakha, and the Mangde Chhu river in Trongsa.


Hiking – Hiking is one of the most popular activities in Bhutan, as the country is home to numerous stunning mountain ranges and landscapes. Some of the most popular hiking trails in Bhutan include the Jomolhari trek, the Druk Path trek, the Bumthang Cultural trek, and the Snowman trek.