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Bhutan is a beautiful country between India and China and is always at the top of the list when it comes to visiting countries with traditional heritage. Bhutan’s Kingdom is so well guarded that it resembles a secret, parallel universe. It is one of the nations with the highest carbon neutrality levels. And it’s a place where the unaltered, natural surroundings are almost as lovely as its sincere, upright, and inviting locals. Bhutan’s government uses GNH (gross national happiness) as a benchmark for economic success rather than GDP. The government has taken great care to ensure that its citizens lead happy lives, passing laws that provide free healthcare and education. Bhutan is one of the most amazing countries you will ever visit in your lifetime and a good Bhutan tour operator must help you explore every possible place in Bhutan.

Bhutanese tradition 

A tiny nation where people still take pride in donning their traditional attire, believe in mythical creatures like dragons, and always have a smile on their faces. There are numerous reasons why Bhutan, which claims to be the world’s happiest country, should be high on your bucket list. Dance and music, which are essential components of rituals and festivals across the country, are two performing arts that keep Bhutan’s traditional culture alive today. 

Contrary to many other nations, traditional arts, ceremonies, festivals, social customs, and structures are not treasures of the past. The traditional methods for creating arts and crafts are being used today. In Bhutan, there is no strict hierarchy of classes, and social and educational opportunities are unaffected by birth or status. Women in Bhutan have the same rights as males.

Is Bhutan worth visiting and spending the money?

Bhutan follows a “High Value, Low Impact” policy, in which visitors must pay a travel fee of $200 to $250 per person per day (including lodging, food, transportation, and an experienced guide), to protect their country’s distinctive cultural legacy from the damaging effects of tourism. Included are lodging, all meals, sightseeing, and entrance fees, transportation in a private vehicle, an authorized guide, and a driver. It’s the ideal strategy for preventing the nation from being overwhelmed by mass tourism, and a trip to Bhutan is a wonderful experience for everyone who goes. Every penny you spend on visiting Bhutan is worth it. 

Things to explore in Bhutan

The primary religion and way of life in this region is Buddhism. It provides a thorough understanding of one of the most fascinating faiths in the world for any curious tourist. Depending on the duration of your intended stay, you have a range of itineraries to select from. These itineraries encompass a diverse array of activities, ranging from immersive hikes through tranquil landscapes to exploring historic dzongs, participating in vibrant festivals, and much more.

You will be mesmerized by the natural views in Bhutan which is yet another attractive factor. Here, vegetation and fauna are abundant, as well as clear rivers and fresh air. Bhutan has a forest cover of more than 70%. To preserve this bit of paradise, the law mandates that 60% of Bhutan must always be covered by forests.

During our tour, we were accommodated in very comfortable, clean hotels with outstanding service. We were served wholesome and tasty Bhutanese cuisine, cooked with locally grown and fresh ingredients.The best thing about Bhutan was the genuine feeling of warmth, peace, and care we experienced.

For avid trekkers or hikers, this stunning country is paradise. Even though some of the treks are difficult, they will take you to remote locations. The routes are not at all overrun by different groups, as is typical in the nearby nations of India and Nepal, which is the true draw.